Mission and Mandate of GreenLab

GreenLab is a digital fabrication micro-factory initiative aimed for the confines of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and other parts of Africa.

Being the first FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory) in Nigeria, GreenLab will incorporate the FabLab (micro-production), open source ecology, and the makers movement’s concept of open-collaboration and bottom-up economic approach to create sustainable values for the population of Nigeria. GreenLab is based on frugal innovation (that is, the democratization of manufacturing activities in the rural settings) and the reverse innovation concepts, thereby shattering ‘rent economy’.

The goal of GreenLab is to encourage the utilization of the abundant eco-friendly materials and resources in rural areas to encourage innovation and sustainable development.


Mandate of GreenLab Microfactory  


  1. Conduct 5 Open Source workshops in 2017
  2. Successfully build energy sustaining open sourced digital fabrication equipment (e.g, Laser cutter, 3D printer, Milling machine).
  3. Serve at least 10,000 people within three years of commencement
  4. Replicate the GreenLab concept all over Nigeria, developing projects and strategies that promotes sustainable development.


                           We don't just innovate, we GREENOVATE!



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