The rise of the technology era, and the persistent social, economic, and environmental sustainability issues in the developing economies especially in their rural settings indicated the need for a different approach to ensure sustainability and broad empowerment of individuals irrespective of their educational, geographical, and anthropological status. GreenLab will promote a green, eco-friendly, and sustainable environment, through research and development, education and training, technological and innovation awareness, and other human capital development projects.

The aim of GreenLab is to encourage small-scale development of valuable artefacts, by providing access to digital fabrication tools and technologies that encourages learning, rapid prototyping, ideation, innovation, and small scale development of artefacts. The sole purpose of GreenLab is to provide sustainable and simple solutions to complex social problems, right from the rural level, to the provincial level, and lastly to the national level. Thereby eliminating the impending issues from their source, by utilizing the available and abundant resources present within the communities the GreenLab is planted.

GreenLab is based on the platform of openness which means collaboration with other micro-factories is essential, also the innovative outcome of the GreenLab will be available for any individual or organization to use and further develop. The model of the GreenLab is based on the flexibility, applicability, and replicability, which means it should be easily replicated in any region of the country and continent in general. Conclusively, GreenLab will be the place for grassroots research, innovation, and development.


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